July shadow.

Bring me coffee or tea

Bring me coffee or tea

The Hikers Rest, East Dean. Sussex.

In the moth trap

These are dark times.  Finding a rhythm is the place where things brighten up.  Getting that balance right and turning energy into positive forward motion.  10 more miles, one more game of speed play, one last hill.  Push. On. Free. And whilst views and loyalties become more polarised and “heavy words are so lightly thrown” […]


Hammer Lane, Sussex – a place to stop and draw breath – after the poem: GREEN Colour That by night is held in tight fists Loosed at the blanket chorus from The papery flower throats of birds Not forgotten during the death-roll Under this green of unfolding this green of mystery this green of May […]

Moving in front of the Gravity

The farther I go the less I know One foot goes in front of the other It all boils around to not hanging around To keep moving in front of the gravity… Fugazi

Dots and Loops

An established ensemble, from Eastbourne, take leave of the store on Grove Road and make their way west from the town. Climbing out of the gentility of Meads and a bref sursaut de Beachy Head but climbing away to continue on to Warren Hill. On this day the landscape was scored by the wind, intermittent […]

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