“Light like birds”

“I envy you British people for the uncomplicated way that you live. For having the peace of mind to let a piece of metal become part of your national identity. For being calm enough to let a bike make you feel free. I wish it was that simple for us in Lebanon to feel light […]

Wheel in Shadow


Mist.  And the rain falls.  It’s warm.  Pedals turned on a midweek ride~brevity.  There’s clarity of mind, unperturbed by the weather.  Rare Downland orchards by the roadside oscillate in the gentle breeze, we notice the sweet scents.  Chalk cliffs barely visible.  Open discussion.  Ideas shared. Further talks continue with coffee.  The rain had been constant […]


Brighton Big Dog  Stanmer Park, Brighton – 4th August, 2012 A few images from the clearing at Marshall Point 9. [slideshow]

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