Nocturne #1 in E Flat Minor

Vélo Morphē is about forms and shapes; Variations on a theme. Things take on a different shape at night.  Night riding brings with it a whole new sensory stimulus and experience.  As the nights begin to draw in the inevitable, lonely and dreadful commute home in the darkness begins but a night ride with friends […]

Hill Climb Haiku v2.0

Rise the bostal through a roar Blood Pulsating hard Fall has quietly arrived

Hill Climb Haiku

Rise the bostal: Blood Pulsating hard: Fall is here

A [re]design for life

“It was art we created. A way of dealing with the limited scope being offered by the world we grew up in. A way of placing it in the world, seeing it as stupid, absurd and limited and, in fact, battling with it since it threatened to utterly consume us and any sense of hope. […]

In Conversation with Josh Part 1

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of conversations, either via a volley of emails, face to face chats or recorded voices and film – the stories that shape the cyclist and individual and link them to a place. Josh Cunningham I first met Josh, a sparky and charismatic young […]


Along the roads, across the fields and the chalk of the bridleway, down the woodland single track and fire roads. Rutted and steep inclines. Legs burn. Lungs burn. An hour. Sweet release.

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