The Darker Half of the Year

The last of harvest has been reaped, the clocks fall back and we move into the darker half of the year.  The animals bed down and begin their slumber for the winter; we humans are still chafing at the bit in our humdrum world trying to eek out the last vestiges of value from the […]


Inspired by BOULDER ULTRA CROSS the seedlings of an idea have begun to develop, in conversation, on Thursday’s Cyclocross nocturne ~ over a beer of course.  We give Kris the credit for this. Sunday rides have become heroic in proportion – an excuse to ride as much terrain as possible and challenge ourselves to death […]

In Conversation with Josh Part 2

The cycling season has finally closed, with the fantastic spectacle of the Belgian, Phillipe Gilbert taking the win at the men’s World Championships, and Marriane Vos being crowned Women’s World Champion, adding to her Olympic Gold victory for Holland.     Now ‘Lance Gate’ and the USADA affair – and the less I say about that […]

When the day is done, I’ll take my body home

A day of stress, anxiety and general boredom is often relieved by the thought of the ride home, though as the nights draw in I often procrastinate before leaving and take an inordinately long time to change into the bike kit.  Not for me the ‘citizen cyclist’, in jeans and a t-shirt, my commute is […]

Death to boredom – ride a bike!

Happy in the Valley

Sunday was the hotly anticipated race day.  HappyValley, Woodingdean Cyclocross organised by Preston Park Youth Cycling Club.  It hurt like blazers, like the first time I did a town centre crit. but much more. Our cab of men and lady supporter took the train and alighted at Falmer for a warm up ride across the […]

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