White Chalk Hills

“I know these white chalk hills will rot my bones” Further Works PJ Harvey – White Chalk

**CANCELLED** Winter Solstice 100 RR

Further works: Breakfast Run – Surrey to Bexhill Johnny Clarke – Prophecy Afulfilled Winter Solstice explained Pier photo used with kind permission by @ditzyladym Poster design by the ever talented @loisdesigns

Return to the sender

Ode to the mudguard

Oh, humble piece of plastic or aluminium You keep my arse dry And the filth off my feet I bloody love you   Fin


White Chalk Hills UCX

We have to make it clear, what follows is NOT a race and NOT an event.  It is simply a suggestion of what will make a great UltraCross route in East Sussex, and a time and date which would seem to us as good a time as any to do this.  If you choose to […]

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