Discipline (optional) – White Chalk Hills UCX

Show me my world as I love to see it: A collective gathering, prepared or perhaps not (as the case may have been) to ride the inaugural White Chalk Hills UCX – a concept not lost thankfully.  The spark of an idea gently developed into a full scale conflagration which culminated on Sunday 30th December […]

Control Cards

With thanks to Lois May-Miller  

Rapus de Peuenese

I am the Martlet of the Rapus de Peuenese, from my base in the Villat’ de Hayllesham. A restlessness to experience, to know the land, to understand. Riding 100 in the hundr’ – Hundr’ de Estburne, Hundr’ de Wylyndon, Hundr’ de Faxebergh, Hundr’ de Landebregg, Hundr’ de Tottenore, Hundr’ de Sepelake, Hundr’ de Thylle, Dimid’ […]


W Victor Cook wrote: Some folks as come to Sussex, They reckons as they know – A durn sight better what to do Than simple folks, like me and you, Could possibly suppose. But them as comes to Sussex, They mustn’t push and shove, For Sussex will be Sussex, And Sussex won’t be druv! Mus […]

Did you say Mulled Cider?

If you’re not familiar with Claud and I it is about time you became acquinted.  Claud and I is an ongoing collection of stories and photographs on Lois’s adventure and love affair with the bicycle. Lois is a very good friend who kindly produced the beautiful posters for both the White Chalk Hills UCX and […]

White Chalk Hills UCX Reconnaissance Ride

What we learnt from this little escapade: The route is FANTASTIC. The views are INCREDIBLE. 45 miles on up and down terrain is incredibly hard work but ultimately rewarding. The bridleway that heads north west from South Heighton is IMPOSSIBLE to ride – you will need to get off and run with your bike. You […]

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