The Long Man

Our Sunday Club run rides along The Street, a steady gradient known as Chapel Hill, rising from Wilmington through the Downs over towards Lullington, and under the watchful gaze of the Long Man.

For our cab of men it is here, on Chapel Hill, that a race to the top usually ensues – a 2 kilometre all out lung busting hill climb.  It’s hardly Yorks Hill* but it’s enough to loosen supple legs before the tea stop at the Badgers in Alfriston.

The Long Man is the sentinel of the Coombe and the Laines where the Rape is grown.  He stands, with no real conclusion as to why he guards there or when he came to be, but he looks on at us as we sprint by, paying him no heed.

The top of Chapel Hill is where the South Downs Way crosses the road and heads up and over Windover Hill – off the side of Windover Hill, passed the Tumuli there’s another vantage point looking down upon his crown.

So we continue on, paying him no heed, to take tea and to rest our weary limbs as He remains.

“The Giant keeps his secret and from his hillside flings out a perpetual challenge.” – Rev A A Evans