Colour and scent overwhelm
Time suspends briefly
There’s a gentle rustle and a whisper
The joke is on you

The discordant has become a gentle buzz
The first Swallow is spotted
Revel in the Cherry Blossom
And breathe in deeply because it will be gone tomorrow

Some farisees they stay, some are as transient as the blossom and become ghosts
Brief and enduring traces in the passing of time
There’s a gentle rustle and a whisper
Is the joke still on you?

A scored landscape
Grasses oscillate and eyes water in the chill
There a tumuli
And here the view

Inevitably, aware of the pathos
The ahh-ness of things, of life and love
Are scattered by the winds
And lost forever

Sticky fingers and milky burps awaken a numb soul
Share the joke and laugh heartily
To avoid the tragedy of the inevitable

“We have come to be guests among the stars”*
*From “Mono no aware” by KEN LIU