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My Brother said “The System is complete, worldwide and inescapable”. How I wish it was not so but I feel it in my nervous system, clogging up my veins and churning my stomach. This time is butchering the humanity that once existed in mankind, revealing everything that is selfish and base in our nature. We produce nothing of value and anything of any value is quickly available for sale. I read in the news earlier that armed police are shooting at Syrian refugees in Macedonia. Women and children. Whilst in Briton one of our biggest concerns is if Big Ben chimes on time.

I don’t know what it is that I am trying to say here, other than expressing just how impotent I feel in the face of it all.

It hasn’t stopped raining all day – when the opportunity finally arrives I shall bolt from the shackles of this office chair and try to ride it out, to burn the visceral fat until some semblance of self determination and balance is restored. It’s not freedom or escape, it’s just a bike ride to gather my thoughts.

It’s all bollocks, isn’t it?

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