Whilst watching the Women’s UCI Cyclocross race at Koksijde, Belgium an idea entered my Long Man APA addled brain. 

UCX strips cyclocross back into an endurance challenge – inappropriate bikes on inappropriate terrain – but recently I have been considering something a little more concentrated – a few conversations I have had recently have begun to spark ideas and then I saw this on the UCI YouTube channel:

“The origins of cyclo-cross are a matter of much debate. One theory we like is that in the early 1900s, French cyclists would race each other from one town to the next by whichever route they thought would be the fastest.”

1930's CX

Bing! Let’s do that then. An A to B race – sort of like a fixed gear Alleycat Race but over, let’s say, 20 miles over mixed countryside terrain and on cyclocross bikes.

Just an idea, but as usual with these ideas I won’t be satisfied until we’ve had a go.

Anyway, must dash the Men’s race at Koksijde is about to start.