I always thought it had something to do with the equinox that decides when the clocks spring forward or fall back – turns out that is not the case considering British Summer time begins on 31st of March this year.  Is it the pope that signs off the paperwork or what?

Route Card

The basic premise of Jo’s Happy 100 is that it is the first opportunity to complete a 100 mile ride in the daylight hours once the clocks have sprung forward – it happens to be nearish to the vernal equinox (which is worthy of a brief nod to rebirth and what the pagans call Ēostre and all that) and it is  on or near Jo’s Birthday, so there is always a big cake waiting at the café. CAKE.

Jo knows stuff about Sussex – it is good to know where Foret du Granges Vert will take you and that on the 24th March it would be virtually impassable on a road bike…it is necessary to know that Hammermen/Hammertwee will almost break you before lunch. Slaugham, …Strada Bianche della Gola, Asklimmen, Ashdown Muur, Plumpton Pavé – good luck finding these on Google Earth. 

Sugar puffs

This year, all frozen bones, frozen gear cables, frost bitten extremities and freezer burnt lungs.

There’s no t-shirt or medal for finishing – just stories and some laughs to share which seems…fair enough.

Jo, John, Dean, Paddy, Nick, James and Gavin ~ thanks.

Contrast with last year:

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Morvélo – 100 Miles 100 Shots