Happy in the Valley

Sunday was the hotly anticipated race day.  HappyValley, Woodingdean Cyclocross organised by Preston Park Youth Cycling Club.  It hurt like blazers, like the first time I did a town centre crit. but much more.

Our cab of men and lady supporter took the train and alighted at Falmer for a warm up ride across the Downs to Woodingdean – we were ready.  There were 189 starters.  Kris representing our contingent, leading the charge with a gliding performance finishing in a top 30 position – Marc, gutsy and giving it his all –– Adrian dancing somewhere in the midfield – Sam, solid and enduring and myself somewhat average spurred on by the heckling and scoffing from Mr Jo Burt of Brighton – it was only fair and this is what we signed up for.  An hour and 8 laps of hurt.

Many thanks to the cab of men: Kris, Marc, Sam, Adrian and our supporters: Rikki for the cow gong ringing, Mr Matt Scott of Eastbourne for his motivational vocals, and Gavin for the photographs.

We’ll be back for more soon.

Gavin Peacock’s Photographs from Happy Valley

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