As the earth tilts on it’s axis, the shadows deepen and lengthen, the leaves burst flaming red, orange and yellow – a pair of fine fellows who run a bike shop based in Five Ways, Brighton, are organising something irreverent and daft. The great Summer Send Off is here and there’s no finer way to celebrate the end of summer than with a bike ride, beer and a barbecue.

Organised just enough to be a thing, but not too much to attract the needy and noddy types – we all know what we’ve signed up for, the clue is in the word ‘unsupported‘, you get’s what you pay for, yeah? A brevet with checkpoints, a vague route that you can ignore (Adam and I did an extended 100km loop to Jevington and back), a list of recommended pit stops and pubs – you are encouraged to stop and frequently.

Later… a raffle, prize giving, laughter, food and beer and more; the late September evening sunshine turns to dusk and riders disperse into the night. Just the months of darkness to get through now.

Dear Paul and Lewis, thank you.


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