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Today as yesterday, the future

I’m not saying this is the answer. You’re looking in the wrong place if you expect one. Our individualism and incessant self promotion has clouded a fundamental understanding of what it is to be a human. Work hard darlings and one day you will be something or someone – it’s a lie, you’re wasting your time.

Escape to 108, then. Or rather loops of Beachy Head road circuit; the dramatic edge of our land as we know it, the skylark, a quickly emptying sky and the horizon. George and I agreed to meet at a revised time; 7:00am outside East Dean village hall, instead of 5:30am. I’d faffed over an extra layer and ended up being 15 minutes late, despite my best efforts through Jevington and Friston to make up time. George was nowhere to be seen so I had assumed that he had already taken advantage of the time and begun an anticlockwise loop – hoping to catch him the other way I began a clockwise loop from the A259.

I didn’t see George until Birling Gap – he’d miscalculated the time to get to the village hall and the easterly wind had held him up. It was no matter, we happily picked up the ride and the first loop together, straight into a persistent and cold easterly wind. By 9:30am we’d done 3 laps together. Both of us seemed to be in a state of asthmatic asphyxia so it was time for coffee. In the parlour of The Tiger Inn, East Dean we chewed fat over coffee and considered how to spend the next couple of hours – the appetite for more laps had diminished, and George had inquired about Butts Brow which our mutual friend Gavin had mentioned to him the week before, so I suggested one more lap of Beachy Head and then drop back down to East Dean, climb up to Friston Pond and then take the Jevington road to Wannock and have a go at Butts Brow. George, being George, nodded his agreement with enthusiasm and so we made our way back out into the cold.

It’s another day amongst the contours of the South Downs – a concentration of mind and body and spirit, an attempt to hold it all together a bit longer despite the pair of us feeling so ill. It’s nice to get out early, I think I may be an early morning convert. I left George in Wannock as he took the winding route back home to Brighton and I went the other way back to mine.

I could attempt to impress you with stats and figures, kilometers and climbing but the purpose would be lost, for now it’s just a bike ride with a friend.

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