Light pushes on the gloom

We swept up the folly of broken glass

Kind of realising that we sometimes need a little disquiet

Besides, there’s not much that will protect you from it


Wash your hands and feet in the sea

They are untied; just don’t turn your back, that’s all

Filling your stream with pithy obvious statements won’t help either

Mediocre is never the right option


Disquiet is ok after all

Let Mr. Grimm brush against your cheek

Invite him along for tea and crumpets if you like

Even the most simple of peasants can best him


Run a Mike Mill’s race

You’ll find out that you’re a sinner and not welcome anywhere, anyway

Those sins were cast upon you a long time ago

But you don’t have to keep paying for it


Allow the murky water and ambiguities cleanse you


Photo culled from @esccrightsofway Twitter account

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Image culled from @esccrightsofway Twitter account