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My Brother said “The System is complete, worldwide and inescapable”. How I wish it was not so but I feel it in my nervous system, clogging up my veins and churning my stomach. This time is butchering the humanity that once existed in mankind, revealing everything that is selfish and base in our nature. We produce […]



Notes – Easter 2015 Spring is meek this year, easily subsumed by Winter’s clasp. What of it? Other than the impatience felt for the warm sun on our necks. Nothing. It’s nothing unusual. The later evening light is something of a relief from the dark cloak of winter anyway. The Easter weekend had promised a longer-than-usual ride opportunity […]


Imagining a day without me:

Dead Battery

No Warning No blinking light (if it is there it is ignored) Blinkered, overwhelmed Loss of feeling and Loss of function Oh God, pull your finger out of your fucking navel! Further works: The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored Inspiration: k-edge test shoot in the snow – Gavin Peacock

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