As the earth tilts on it’s axis, the shadows deepen and lengthen, the leaves burst flaming red, orange and yellow – a pair of fine fellows who run a bike shop based in Five Ways, Brighton, are organising something irreverent and daft. The great Summer Send Off is here and there’s no finer way to […]

White Chalk Hills UCX 2015


Date: 28 December 2015 Start: 09:00 from the Glynde Reach Car park, Lacy’s Hill, Glynde, East Sussex After party: The Trevor Arms, The Street, Glynde, East Sussex, BN8 6SS 47 miles over varied terrain, on Cyclocross bikes*, mostly off road and on the South Downs from Glynde to Eastbourne and back again. For the 4th year of […]



I will admit that it wasn’t the venue I had originally wanted, even though I imagined that working with the other place again would be an unnecessary stress. As it happened it couldn’t have worked out any smoother. Nick the landowner was perfectly accommodating, he did what he said he was going to do and he […]


‘When I was told that “Mus. Reynolds come along last night” he was spoken of so intimately that I supposed he must be some old friend and expressed a hope that he had been hospitably received “He helped hisself” was the reply; and there upon followed the explanation, illustrated by an exhibition of mutilated poultry.’* […]


Whilst watching the Women’s UCI Cyclocross race at Koksijde, Belgium an idea entered my Long Man APA addled brain.  UCX strips cyclocross back into an endurance challenge – inappropriate bikes on inappropriate terrain – but recently I have been considering something a little more concentrated – a few conversations I have had recently have begun to spark ideas and […]


A traditional cyclocross race. Legitimate. Properly sanctioned. No end of trials and tribulations to organise. No matter how many steps ahead you may be those who you depend on to do something, or to make a decision, or talk something over with a colleague, will always be 2 steps behind, and there will always be […]

Discipline (optional) – White Chalk Hills UCX

Show me my world as I love to see it: A collective gathering, prepared or perhaps not (as the case may have been) to ride the inaugural White Chalk Hills UCX – a concept not lost thankfully.  The spark of an idea gently developed into a full scale conflagration which culminated on Sunday 30th December […]

The Darker Half of the Year

The last of harvest has been reaped, the clocks fall back and we move into the darker half of the year.  The animals bed down and begin their slumber for the winter; we humans are still chafing at the bit in our humdrum world trying to eek out the last vestiges of value from the […]


Inspired by BOULDER ULTRA CROSS the seedlings of an idea have begun to develop, in conversation, on Thursday’s Cyclocross nocturne ~ over a beer of course.  We give Kris the credit for this. Sunday rides have become heroic in proportion – an excuse to ride as much terrain as possible and challenge ourselves to death […]

Happy in the Valley

Sunday was the hotly anticipated race day.  HappyValley, Woodingdean Cyclocross organised by Preston Park Youth Cycling Club.  It hurt like blazers, like the first time I did a town centre crit. but much more. Our cab of men and lady supporter took the train and alighted at Falmer for a warm up ride across the […]

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