‘When I was told that “Mus. Reynolds come along last night” he was spoken of so intimately that I supposed he must be some old friend and expressed a hope that he had been hospitably received “He helped hisself” was the reply; and there upon followed the explanation, illustrated by an exhibition of mutilated poultry.’* […]


An honest trade That thing we needed obtained The feasibility of that thing we aspired to discussed That odd noise that was driving us mad, fixed A quid pro quo A conversation A laugh A summer evening race to Firle Beacon You just don’t get that on the internet Open, accessible and inclusive Driven to […]

Dots and Loops

An established ensemble, from Eastbourne, take leave of the store on Grove Road and make their way west from the town. Climbing out of the gentility of Meads and a bref sursaut de Beachy Head but climbing away to continue on to Warren Hill. On this day the landscape was scored by the wind, intermittent […]

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