In Conversation with Josh Part 2

The cycling season has finally closed, with the fantastic spectacle of the Belgian, Phillipe Gilbert taking the win at the men’s World Championships, and Marriane Vos being crowned Women’s World Champion, adding to her Olympic Gold victory for Holland.     Now ‘Lance Gate’ and the USADA affair – and the less I say about that […]

In Conversation with Josh Part 1

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of conversations, either via a volley of emails, face to face chats or recorded voices and film – the stories that shape the cyclist and individual and link them to a place. Josh Cunningham I first met Josh, a sparky and charismatic young […]


Brighton Big Dog  Stanmer Park, Brighton – 4th August, 2012 A few images from the clearing at Marshall Point 9. [slideshow]

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