Discipline (optional) – White Chalk Hills UCX

Show me my world as I love to see it: A collective gathering, prepared or perhaps not (as the case may have been) to ride the inaugural White Chalk Hills UCX – a concept not lost thankfully.  The spark of an idea gently developed into a full scale conflagration which culminated on Sunday 30th December […]

White Chalk Hills UCX

We have to make it clear, what follows is NOT a race and NOT an event.  It is simply a suggestion of what will make a great UltraCross route in East Sussex, and a time and date which would seem to us as good a time as any to do this.  If you choose to […]

Nocturne #1 in E Flat Minor

Vélo Morphē is about forms and shapes; Variations on a theme. Things take on a different shape at night.  Night riding brings with it a whole new sensory stimulus and experience.  As the nights begin to draw in the inevitable, lonely and dreadful commute home in the darkness begins but a night ride with friends […]

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