Date: 27 December 2014 Start: 9:00am from the Tri Store, Eastbourne. After party: The Belgian Café. 11-23 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3YN In celebration of the VAINGLORIOUS and the FUTILE the WHITE CHALK HILLS UCX makes an (un)welcome return on Saturday 27 December, 2014. 47 miles over varied terrain, on Cyclocross bikes, mostly off road and […]


We’ve organised just enough, you know?  After that you are on your own – an idea of what you can expect is neatly described here. What you should know: Distance: 57 miles (or approximately 90 kilometres) Terrain: 1/4 grass Downland and other bridal way ~ 1/4 muddy bridal way or woodland trails ~ 1/2 Shonky […]

Discipline (optional) – White Chalk Hills UCX

Show me my world as I love to see it: A collective gathering, prepared or perhaps not (as the case may have been) to ride the inaugural White Chalk Hills UCX – a concept not lost thankfully.  The spark of an idea gently developed into a full scale conflagration which culminated on Sunday 30th December […]

Control Cards

With thanks to Lois May-Miller  

White Chalk Hills UCX

We have to make it clear, what follows is NOT a race and NOT an event.  It is simply a suggestion of what will make a great UltraCross route in East Sussex, and a time and date which would seem to us as good a time as any to do this.  If you choose to […]

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