Taking it up the ring and other tales

The White Chalk Hills UCX has become a brand and a franchise.  The modest success of White Chalk Hills UCX v.1.0 has gone to our heads a bit and we’re putting together an assortment of plans for 2013.

The same principles of vainglory and utter futility apply – a sort of anti-everything approach to organising an ULTRACROSS bike ride.  As a man called Draper once said “In an age that is utterly corrupt, the best policy is to do as others…do”… or not.

We’ll tell you the when, the where and the how very shortly.  We’ll fill up your Twitter timeline and Facebook thread with reminders.  We’re busy with the details and there are some lovely creative people, doing some nice creative things, which we will tell you about in due course.

In the mean time please enjoy this photograph of Saul Steinberg taken by Lee Miller.


Further works

Mansun – Six