The Darker Half of the Year

The last of harvest has been reaped, the clocks fall back and we move into the darker half of the year.  The animals bed down and begin their slumber for the winter; we humans are still chafing at the bit in our humdrum world trying to eek out the last vestiges of value from the dwindling resources – trying to keep the electric lights on.

Halloween ~ our semi-neopagan fallacy, as a celebration of what was known as Samhain to our Gaelic cousins, to protect ourselves from evil spirits, we ‘guise’ as the grim reaper, a ghoul or as Pikachu, for example, to beckon the souls of the dead and dance with them – it is the dance of death that unites us all, after all. Let’s dance to the fragility of life and remember how “vain are the glories of earthly life”.

Let’s race our fucking bikes round the infield of a cycling track, on the track, round the track out back and beyond; in the mud, in the pissing rain, in the darkness.  It’s the perfect remedy to remember how marvellous it is to be alive.

“Kick the darkness until it bleeds daylight”

Thank you Knog and Rollapaluza we all had a bloody great time.

Knog Muddy Hell 2012

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