This is a message of thanks, really. To those riders who came, those who showed an interest, those who later emailed or Tweeted to say “bugger, I wish I was there”… it makes the fretting, the plotting and scheming on short and limited resources all worthwhile.

The ride this year was dedicated to the memory of some of my betters, people who were taken from us. Dylan and Richard, it was such a beautiful sunny day how can I put into words – the rise and shiver along the spine, the swelling of the throat, and dryness in the mouth at the thought of the sudden violence – you are missed you beautiful, gentle men.  And Jenn, I knew you but the more I learn about you the more I wish to have known you – you especially would approve of this shonky nonsense and this makes me quite proud.

This shonky nonsense has three very solid intentions – we have the South Downs for a back yard; our small corner of suffocating green that ends abruptly with white chalk cliffs at the Seven Sisters and the English Channel – a landscape so at odds with itself; serene and peaceful, yet capable of such brutality. The intentions: To offer people an experience that they do not blindly consume, and that starts with someone making the effort to send a postcard with their intended commitment – a piece of card or a beer mat with hand written scribble on it passed between human hands; to remove the self indulgent, or at least to knowingly have fun with the self indulgent, and most important to have fun, because frankly it’s a pointless endeavor – VAINGLORIOUS | FUTILE, see?

Having said all that the ride takes on a life of its own for people anyway, the way an individual may experience it is different for each and every person that gives it a go. And who am I to impose such esoteric bullshit on what is, really, just a ride? Ignore everything I have just said.

So, thank you so much for coming. The pleasure and the privilege has been mine. Too many to name but here’s a few (in no particular order) – Marc and Kris for doing it so conscientiously, Tom for his spirit, Simon and Tony for travelling a long way and getting up ungodly early just to take part and David for also traveling a long way and again puncturing his tubular tyres and then riding them flat up the A27 to get back to the pub. Jim, Simon, Jo, George and Gavin for continued support, Paul from Rule5 Bikes of Brighton (go and buy stuff from them, please), Charlie the Bike Monger, Mark at the Gun Brewery, Jeff at Grit.cx, Biff, Victoria, Abi, David, Mark, Craig, Shane, Dan and Norm… and everyone else who turned up!


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