Since the White Chalk Hills UCX is a borrowed idea anyway, I have been considering how this rather inaccessible ride could possible become even more inaccessible.

UCX PERMANENTS is a thought. Like Audax Permanents but with the UCX format. Same idea, really, just the opportunity for those, put off by the the abstruse nature of the UCX in late December, or just the logistics of taking part so close between Christmas and New Year, to consider doing the route in their own time – not without constraint of course. UCX Permanents are not meant as replacements for The White Chalk Hills UCX.

Over the years we have arranged 3 ULTRACROSS rides. If you cast your eye back through the VÉLO MORPHĒ archives you’ll find the details:

– The (original) White Chalk Hills UCX (75km) – usually held on last weekend of December

– The 1066 UCX (90km) – held once in late April (2013 I think), but well worth running as part of the UCX Permanents Series.

– Up The Ring UCX (120km) – taking place, roughly, in mid-summer

There’s a little bit of working out to do, and several attempts at riding the routes myself before I can release any details. Once I’ve got www.whitechalkhills.cx back up and running then information will be available there. Entry will be by Postcard or SAE, as is usual for Audax Permanents, and in return for a small fee you’ll receive the ride details, route and a brevet card which will act as your proof of passage and allow me to validate your ride.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts. If, by some miracle, you come across this short post then get in touch with me on Twitter @_BLIXA_ or email mark@velomorpha.cc


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