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Half stepping the English countryside – it wasn’t that I didn’t have any intention of finishing the route I had planned, it’s just that a few things, sort of…well, happened.


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The first: taking the right fork at the top of Bostal Hill (or Bo Peep commonly known as, though I climbed the scarp from Comp Lane near Tilton Farm and not the Bostal road) and plummeting, free and easy, between sheep and Rape fields towards Heighton, instead of the more serene descent to The Comp above the Rathfinny Estate. I didn’t mind, in spite of the rain I was having a blast – even that flint and the resulting puncture wasn’t enough to undermine my spirit.


The second: the disintegration of my front disc brake pad, effectively putting an end to the ride.




Que sera.


What the ride lacked in completion, more than made up for in later opportunity – the connection made with that short section of bridleway between Berwick and Selmeston, which makes up part of the Vanguards Way, I have learnt that I can make it from my front door to the bottom of the Downs under Bo Peep, virtually traffic free, using byways and bridleways that are quiet and serene and far more direct anyway. Also, with my rescue rendevous point agreed at Tide Mills (I had neglected to take any money or cards with me, otherwise I would have happily got the train), it gave me the opportunity to follow the track from the crossroads of trails from Gardener’s Hill, that takes you along Poverty Bottom to the back end of Bishopstone, that I have not experienced until now. Bishopstone, by the way, is a very handsome village, not fully appreciated until you follow that lane off the A259 past those ghastly bungalows and other ugly houses you can see from the main road.


To that end, I don’t mind that the brake pads fell apart.



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