Inspired by BOULDER ULTRA CROSS the seedlings of an idea have begun to develop, in conversation, on Thursday’s Cyclocross nocturne ~ over a beer of course.  We give Kris the credit for this.

Sunday rides have become heroic in proportion – an excuse to ride as much terrain as possible and challenge ourselves to death (almost).

Details are hazy, but the plan is to hijack the usual Christmas gentleman’s road ride for something a little more, well, challenging.  It’s NOT a race and it is certainly NOT a sportive.

The below image will give you some idea of what it may look like.

We don’t mind if it’s just the 6 of our usual troupe turn up – but what we will do is produce a suggestion of what might be an AMAZING Ultra ‘Cross route in East Sussex and share the date and time through the usual mediums.  If you do choose to do this at that time you’re doing so on your own volition.

Watch this space as they say…


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