A traditional cyclocross race. Legitimate. Properly sanctioned. No end of trials and tribulations to organise. No matter how many steps ahead you may be those who you depend on to do something, or to make a decision, or talk something over with a colleague, will always be 2 steps behind, and there will always be something to surprise you.

It’s a steep learning curve to realise that you can’t hold on to control that tightly and that you must allow time in the process for people to catch up.

If not for the support of good friends I’m not sure I would have got through it without incident. But I’m proud of what we achieved and incredibly grateful for the support.

Perhaps next time it will be easier.


Original image via @themanfromicon

Thank you: Lois May-Miller, Kris Fowler, Jo Burt, Gavin Peacock, Simon Catmur, James Brickell, Matt Butt, Matt Green, Sam Winter, Mark Markowski and the Bayeux Landscapes Cycling Team and many, many others.